Atpoure Rabindranath
The informal Tagore : an intimate peep into the other side of the poet
(A presentation in words, songs and dialogues)

Rabindranath once wrote in one of his poems! I am not what you think by reading my Poetries. Perhaps what he meant was that a poet need not be a mock-up of his creations and might very well have another side of a persona, quite different from the extolled image of his creations. Any ordinary mortal would be intimidated and awed by the sheer class, eminence and enormity of Rabindranath's creations : poetry, short stories, novels, dramas, essays, lyrics, music, paintings and the list goes on and on. After taking, even a casual glance at his seemingly endless and versatile creations, one may be inclined to build in one's mind, an image of a sage, a prophet of a guru, clad in an impeccably immaculate flowing robe. But the question is, does this image give us a complete picture of his extra-ordinary life? What Kind of a person he was really, in his everyday life? Could it be also as common place as that of a ordinary father, husband or a dear friend? How did the members of his family, relatives, friends and acquaintances look at him? Were their views about the towering personality as he was , any different from what we perceive in light of his profound creations?

Initially the quest started form a burning curiosity of getting the answers to these questions. Slowly and gradually, a little-known world unfolded in front of our eyes. We were delighted to discover a seemingly unexplored side of his personality : fun-loving, witty, playful on one hand and loving, caring, warm and tritely affectionate, on the other.

Kothaye, gane, songlape "Atpoure Rabindranath" (an informal Tagore) in an hour long presentation lovingly crafted in words, songs and dialogues which attempt to take an intimate peep into the other sides of the poet, based on his numerous letters written to a host of people, reminiscences written by his near and dear ones, memories, diaries, conversations etc. It tries to present before the audience an enchanting account of another little known side of the multihued personality of the great man.
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