Ratna Mitra

Smt. Ratna Mitra, an educationalist, noted artist, writer, script writer, program designer and television celebrity, known for her subtle style of diction and enunciation, which made her one of Bengal's most sought after vocal performer in the electronic media. The theme of this innovative and engrossing presentation of Atpoure Rabindranath  has been created by Ratna.  She has made her unique mark as an announcer, anchor and artist in All India Radio and Doordarshan for the last three decades. Her biography on Radharani Debi, the noted litterateur, published by the West Bengal Bangla Academy, drew accolades from many discerning critics. Ratna Mitra has twelve immensely popular albums to her credit. She is the founder of BAAK, an organization set by her for imparting training in recitation to her students, numbering hundreds.

  Amit Roy

Sri Amit Roy is a printing technologist and started his career in the advertisement world as a voice over art up script writer, music composer for jingles. He is one of the five producers, who were entrusted with producing a commissioned program Bibartaner Pothe Manush, for the first time in the history of Akashvani (All India Radio). A popular artist of drama section of Akashbani (All India Radio) for more than three decades, he is one of the earliest anchors and announcers in the talk-shows conducted by various FM Radio Channels and television channels, Live Cell Phone feed programs. Netaji Birth Centenary in 1997 for All India Radio. Amit Ray published six albums to his credit. Kothaye, gane, songlape Atpoure Rabindranath touched heart of the audience, everywhere it was performed. The overwhelming acclaims and tributes showered by the viewers from all walks of life speak volume of the way it has been able to mesmerize and enchant them during the performance. The Atpoure Rabindranath theme a joint presentation of Amit and Ratna along with other accomplishes of BAAK.

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